Spicy Chicken Wings (Starter)
160 MUR
Chicken wings tossed in Chef's Special Durky Sauce
Crispy Calamari (Starter)
210 MUR
Flash Fried calamari served with Tartare sauce
Prawns Tempura (Starter)
230 MUR
Battered peeled queen prawns served with tatare sauce
Quesadillas Chicken (Starter)
210 MUR
Tortillas filled with chopped seasoned chickenserved with salsa sauce
Quesadillas Cheese (Starter)
185 MUR
Tortillas filled with melted cheese served with salsa sauce
Fish Crunches (Starter)
190 MUR
Tasty crunchy fish
Green Mussels (Starter)
215 MUR
Smothered in garlic butter served with creamy seafood sauce
Seafood Mistura (Starter)
220 MUR
A blend of the best the ocean has to offer. (Crab Meat, mussels, prawn and calamari)
Crumbed Mushrooms (Starter)
195 MUR
Fresh fleshy button mushrooms golden fried served with tartare sauce.
Crusted Chicken (Starter)
175 MUR
Quick crusted chicken
Chevre Chaud (Salads & Veg)
260 MUR
Garden salad topped with pepper, Crumbed "Fromage de Chevre" and panned tofu
Caesar Salad (Salads & Veg)
310 MUR
Green Salad topped with smoked marlin, fresh mushrooms, parmesan cheese and croutons.
Garden Salad (Salads & Veg)
190 MUR
Freshly picked lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot & green pepper.
Med Salad (Salads & Veg)
215 MUR
Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onions topped with black olive and feta cheese
Veg Fajita (Salads & Veg)
320 MUR
Stir-fried vegetables, grated cheese & Fresh salad served with sour cream, salsa sauce and crispy tortillas
Veg Lasagna (Salads & Veg)
310 MUR
Homemade veggie lasagne baked to perfection accompanied by a healthy green salad.
Fish n' Chips (Seafood)
225 MUR
Battered fish with crispy chips
Grilled Fish (Seafood)
475 MUR
Fish fillet seasoned with garlic butter & grill basting
Fish & Scampi
525 MUR
Crispy battered fish with grilled Scampi in a delicious creamy sauce

Bio Pizza au Feu de Bois
Grilled Seafood & Steak

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